Scarf-loving Metalhead Woes

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while but haven’t had much luck with it. 

Ssquare scarves don’t seem to go well with band tees. They often cover up the band name, not to mention a lot of the design. Worst of all, the colors often don’t also go well together. The best match I have is my Hermès scarf and my Devildriver Beast shirt. Even then, it’s an imperfect pairing.

I saw Meshuggah perform live Thursday night. It was an outstanding performance. When the roadies put up their band banners, I realized it’s the perfect sort of patterned motif for a scarf. If Hermès made a scarf on that style, I’d be a terrible vegan(and thrifter) but the first in line to buy one because there is a distinct lack of that sort of product on the market.

The odds of that happening, however, are slim to none. Swedish metal band chic isn’t really in Hermès’s wheelhouse. 

That in mind, secondhand nondesigner silk scarves are cheap.  
I started googling how to paint silk scarves and I think I’ll try my hand at it once I find a decent secondhand one that isn’t too strongly patterned. I need a muted scheme I can paint over.

This is what I’m planning on trying my hand at. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for simpler patterns as well, but I adore the intricacies. 

Just look at the patterns. Even if not your cup of tea, you have to admit that it could make a cool scarf.

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